BOSInd designs and manufactures a range of smell-related technologies that could be the answer to your problem.

We produce machines for industry that both monitor and deliver odours.

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Industrial monitoring machines


NIMBY Series

Our NIMBY machines monitors the chemicals released by your workers. It can identify and isolate unwholesome attitudes in your factory or workspace allowing you to identify potential productivity threats in your organisation - giving you the freedom to either rectify the environment or replace your workforce.



The Water Health of Outfall Pollutant Surveyor enables customers to receive real-time monitoring of products as it is released back into your local water system, giving you vital reaction time before the unintentional release of harmful material is detected by environmental agencies.


Industrial delivery machines

MING delivery machines

The Mechanised Industrial Nuanced Gas machine can impregnate your product with our range of mood-stimulating essences. They come in a range of sizes to suit the scale of your operations.