The BOSInd mobile compound and odour analysis unit can be set up in almost any environment with a permanent water supply and an enlightened pollution policy.

The unit is designed to operate in two modes:

As a drop-in centre

The Laboratory will be run as a staffed facility in which highly trained and insured scientists take samples of organic compounds and odours produced by walk-in volunteers.

The process is unobtrusive, and merely involves swabs, full body and breath samples. The samples are then processed by the two main analytical engineering systems in the lab - the G.A.S.P. and P.H.W.O.A.R. - both of which involve a fascinating process which the public are invited to watch and which takes 6 minutes to complete.

Volunteers will normally receive a detailed analysis of their success quotient and are presented with a small measure of their sample in a souvenir bottle.

As an automatic unit

At other times the Lab will be unmanned but still processing input from the public. The lab has a fully automatic interface that the public are encouraged to approach, follow the intuitive instructions and watch as the machines analysis and interact with your own odours.

(As the machines are calibrated to notify operators of high level success-related compounds please do not be alarmed by sudden loud audio signals - especially if you are feeling cocky).

How to get involved

When it's on the road, you are invited to pop down and visit the BOSInd laboratory to receive a full scan: more details of our route coming soon.

At other times the Lab will be running in automatic mode and you can participate via the interactive access panels located on the outside of the unit.

You can also get involved in the project by registering a success story on our online map: it doesn’t matter how great or small your success story is, success smells the same.

Become part of the project by uploading your local success story or a photograph of yourself then clicking on your home location - you will become part of our success survey of the area.