BOSInd has over the last decade been in the forefront of the development technology that detects, collects and distils the chemicals produced by humans and animals.

With our  pioneering analysis techniques we have developed the means to extract emotional states and turn them in to a chemical production.

The company, having established a market place for its products, is now moving forward to create products which can enhance human experience and performance.

Founded in 1979 following Dr Sydney Rann’s seminal PhD thesis on transferable fish essences, in its first 3 years BOSInd detected and refined the chemical causes of “Stockhausen’s Haddock Syndrome”, a distressing disease which had blighted the lives of sufferers the world over.

Further research allowed BOSInd to develop a process which removed embarrassing fish odours and allowed us to condense and supply the essence in both industrial quantities (to the fish finger industry) and as a retail item for fish product outlets.

In the 1990’s BOSInd, along with a major clothes manufacturer, developed an acid for the production of stonewashed jeans, which actually made the owners feel confident and attractive whilst wearing them.

Our current flagship project is to isolate the chemicals produced when humans feel a sense of achievement.

The Sweet Smell of Success project (SSOS) is a two-year mission to isolate, concentrate and provide a delivery system for an essence that will assist human accomplishment.

After a trail run with the English cricket team this winter, the project will move on collecting more data from around the UK, culminating with a collaboration with team GB during the 2012 Olympics.