Consumer Experiences

We produce high quality essences that can create a whole spectrum of consumer feel-good experiences.

Are you stuck with a product that is hopelessly unfashionable or just plain rubbish?

We can help. Our products can add a hint of chic or a bucket-load of cachet to even your most un-saleable items.



#2447 Satisfaction

When embedded in a product, #2447 guarantees happy customers and repeat purchases.


#2949 Fear

Available in various strengths, this often delivered in smoke form to provide a sense of danger at many mediocre heavy-metal concerts and fairground rides.


#2645 Smugness

Implanted in the bindings of the 90’s icon the FiloFax.


#2981 Romance

A winner with our regular customers in the book trade.


#2994 Coolness

One of our best sellers, and when combined with #2314 Agility, it has provided endless entertainment on disco dance floors the world over.

Our essences can be tailored to your own requirements in many combinations to produce a bespoke effect.


BOSInd was commissioned to produce a series of essences to enhance visitor experiences for a number of historical events.

After a period of research and collection at historical sites we were able to provide essence enhancements to give an added edge of reality to historical re-enactments.

Examples of use for interactive Historical exhibits


Medieval Hamlets

Used essences of starvation, disease, hopelessness, fear of God, fear of authority, insect bites and watery ale.


Victorian Britain

Used essences of hunger, disease, nationalism, jingoism, crinoline, love of royalty, tea and sympathy.

Please note that local regulations and religious customs may restrict the use of our products and/or require special permits.

Customers are advised to synchronise the expiry of our essences with that of any guarantee or money back promises offered at point of sale.