We are excited to be working with CITY OF LONDON and THAMES WATER to investigate […]

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The BOSInd mobile compound and odour analysis unit can be set up in almost any […]

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We aim to collate and document stories of success and apply the data to a […]

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Our work at BOSInd is based on sound scientific principles. Human reaction to odours “The […]


As the “Sweet Smell of Success” tour goes nationwide, BOSIndwill be working with the public […]


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Welcome to Bio Organism Substrate Industries

BOSInd is the world’s foremost leader in the identification, extraction and concentration of olfactory essences.

This, combined with our research on the mental stimuli that olfactory experiences produce, has enabled us to create a range of essences and essence-delivery systems that are employed by thousands of organisations and individuals worldwide.

Please explore our site and enter a world of smells, scents and stenches and see how, through cutting-edge technology, BOSInd is achieving unbelievable results by harnessing the power of one of mankind’s primary senses.

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