Bio Organism Substrate Industries is the leading odour-related multinational  corporation in the world, and is embarking on one of its most ambitious projects to date: a two-year mission to isolate, condense and package the “smell of success”.

In an exciting partnership with Leicester Comedy Festival and assisted by Leicester Council, BOSInd began its nationwide tour with a high-tech mobile laboratory searching for examples of success to analyze. Details of our route will be released very soon.

Over the last decade, BOSInd has developed a scientific method of extracting  the molecular essence specifically targeted to certain human experiences and behaviour.

Geographical areas and individuals will have their success stories documented and processed. In the first project of its kind anywhere in the world, the measure of participant’s success will be rated by the extraction of the “success molecule” by our high-tech equipment.

BOSInd will be inviting the public to visit our touring laboratory to be scanned for the presence of the chemicals and compounds which we have identified as the pre-requisites of successful human endeavour.

The public will be able to see our incredible technology at work as samples from their bodies are processed by the laboratory’s advanced G.A.S.P. and P.W.O.A.R. compound extrapolation technology.

Besides the obvious commercial benefits of isolating the essence of success, the research has a noble aim. BOSInd intends to refine the end product – the Sweet Smell of Success – and use it to boost the chances of Team GB during the 2012 Olympics.


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